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New York State Defensive Driving - Sponsoring Agent #029

When doing a defensive driving program in New York State, it is important that it is from a New York Department of Motor Vehicles approved sponsor. New York Traffic School has partnered up with The American Safety Council - a New York accepted Defensive Driving class Sponsor (Sponsor #029)

Painless And Flexible Defensive Driving

With our online programs, there is no reason to attend a faraway defensive driving classroom in New York State. Do it from the comfort of home instead.

New York State Defensive Driving Course

Get more than just a great program at a discount price when you do our Defensive Driving Program in New York State. You'll also get all the benefits:

  • No final examination required!
  • 10% automobile insurance discount
  • Reduce points from your DMV record
  • New York Department of Motor Vehicles approved, Sponsoring Agency #029

Keep Your Insurance Expense Low

For sensible New York State drivers looking to save money, an internet defensive driving course is the simple way to get a mandatory 10% savings on their insurance.

Points Reduced

If you were issued a traffic fine in New York, points will most always be added to your drivers record. Completing a Point and Insurance Reduction Program on the web entitles you up to a 4 (four) point reduction, every 18 months, off your NYSDMV record. Payment Alternatives

Our defensive driving program isn't the only simple aspect of what has to offer. We also make paying for your program a cinch! You can pay online or call in to make payment, it's that simple!

Paper-free Defensive Driving For You And Me!

Another one of the rewards of our on line defensive driving class in New York State is that there is no excess paper-waste. There are no written tests to take, no NYS DMV forms to mail in, and no paper traffic-school workbooks to print out. Everything you require is 100% on line... Now that's an eco-friendly defensive driving class New York State residents can depend on!

New York State I-PIRP

When the New York DMV reduced points from your driving record it is referred to as "Point Reduction”.'s point reduction program guarantees that your New York State DMV will not count up to four (4) points on your driving record. Keeping points off of your record can help prevent driving license suspensions or revocations, as well as increases to your insurance premiums. Also, you get a mandatory 10% reduction in your car/truck insurance for the next 36 months. It’s that easy!